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20 Days to a Stronger More Powerful Prayer Life


"But what should I say?"

If you’ve asked this question about prayer, you’re not alone! Maybe you regularly run out of words within the first few minutes. Maybe you feel it’s too complicated, too hard to deepen your prayer life, or you have no idea where to start. This 20-day prayer guide will help you build a lasting, effective prayer life



In just 20 days, you’ll discover the power of using the Lord’s Prayer to engage in meaningful conversations with God. As you read selected Scriptures, pray, and participate in the fun activities provided, you’ll find that prayer isn’t just a moment in time. It’s a lifestyle that you can enjoy as you dig into the bountiful truth of who God is.

Product Features:

Learn the power of the Lord's Prayer: This prayer guide will help you understand the significance of the Lord's Prayer and how it can be used as a framework for meaningful conversations with God.


Develop a daily prayer routine: The guide will assist you in establishing a habit of regular prayer through short prayer devotions. By setting aside time each day for prayer, you can deepen your connection with God.


Set prayer goals: This prayer journal will encourage you to set specific prayer goals for yourself. These goals can help you focus your prayers and provide a sense of direction in your communication with God.


Engage in reflective journaling: The Pause, Pray + Praise section of the guide allows you to journal your prayers and answer reflection questions for personal application. This practice can help you gain insights, track your progress, and cultivate a deeper understanding of your prayer life.


Access additional resources: The guide includes QR codes that provide access to Georgia Brown's podcasts on prayer. These resources can supplement your journey and provide further guidance and inspiration for a stronger and more powerful prayer life.


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About the Author:

Georgia Brown is a lover of Jesus and people. Born and raised in Arkansas, Georgia now calls Music City her home. She is a singer/songwriter, podcaster, and faithful servant who is passionate about prayer, and about using her unique voice to share about his love in many ways, from posting encouragement on Instagram, creating inspirational music videos, releasing albums, and discussing real-life topics with a variety of guests on her popular podcast: Faith and Friends with Georgia Brown. Georgia’s prayer is that her generation would come to know the reality of Gods love and live an abundant life in the fullness of freedom. 

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