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Faith & Friends Earring Collection

with Woven Together

Woven Together is a business that was born out of trying times, and after having the opportunity to interview Olivia on the podcast, I knew we needed to create something special together! To read more about Woven Together, visit

For the Girl Podcast 

with Emma Mae Jenkins and Georgia Brown:

How to Step into Friendships that Honor Jesus 


"We are SOOOO excited to introduce you to two of the sweetest girls on the planet- Emma Mae Jenkins and Georgia Brown. They are both from Arkansas, love Jesus with their whole hearts, and happen to be total besties! You will be so encouraged by their support of one another and the advice they have for you to honor Jesus in your friendships in this season of life!" 

Behind the Bliss Podcast

with Rachel Autrey


"This week will make you grin ear to ear. Georgia Brown is joining Rachel for a conversation all about what to do when you feel stuck in your relationship with Jesus. What are some practical ways you can set in place to learn from Him and hear Him? We also hear from this college student what it looks like to find community in a new place and why it’s needed in any walk of life. She is an amazing example of what abundant life looks like when we seek Jesus every day. Georgia shares all about her prayer closet covered in notecard prayers, how Jesus has changed her life and encourages listeners, of every age, to seek that fullness of joy we often hear about."

Singled Out for Him

Blog Post with Lauren McCoy

"...In this season of singleness, the Lord has opened my eyes to show me that it is okay for other people’s eyes to be closed. For so long I thought I was being overlooked.  But in reality, God is hiding me..."

"...You don’t date potential. You date — and deserve —  a man with proven character."

"Yes I Will" Music Video 

with Vertical Worship

Good Morning Campus Tour

with MTSU

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